Blog Post #2

In the Information Age, it is hard to keep any event national or international a secret. In the days of old, like the twentieth century, any event of major significance took a couple of days to actually understand the true nature of what happened, but today facts are a click away. For example when the Boston Bombing occurred it was not difficult to be informed because the event was plastered all over Internet and broadcasted around the world through the television. Although these mediums of information have kept us well informed and connected, they have also created common a thinking pattern that has generated sense ignorance within the masses.

            During the first minutes of the bombs going off in Boston, the Internet was flooded with tweets, status updates, and news articles posted from people and news websites. There was no shortage of opinions and assumptions on the Internet, many of which caught fire and gained momentum within populations, which soon became public opinion. These rumors consisted of assumptions of attacks from North Koreans Taliban and other extremist groups. None of that proved to be true in the end, but these rumors spread through the Internet in a rapid succession. I feel this occurred because the Internet is similar to an open forum, which is free for people to post their opinion and other information no matter how uninformed and ignorant they are. This ability to post what they believe is true makes the Internet very interactive, earning the Internet its name as a Two-way Broadcasting system. Which in the case of the Internet leaves to user to be responsible to filter for what is true and untrue.

            In the coming hours of the bombing, the television began to come out with the correct information of what happened in Boston. This helped debunk someone of the denotative thoughts people had of whom the bombers were and whom they were affiliated with. Many individuals use television broadcasting as their main way to gain information about events because they view it as the most accurate form of media. This assumption often leads to people to not question or dig deeper into what the television has told them. Then as broadcasts continue and multiple stations broadcast similar points of view and ideas it reaffirms to everyone that everything on T.V. is to be truth. In addition, many people who view the news do not realize that only a few big name corporations control the airways, which can monitor and skew what they broadcast. What this often does is limit the scope of what stations can broadcast leaving one side unexplained or ignored.

            A source of information that is under utilized by my generation is anything that is print, for example newspaper or magazines.  This medium is often is forgotten in the fast times we live in because of the time it takes for an article to be written then printed. In this process, it can often lead printed media to be days behind the Internet or television. In this process though, I feel as if this gives print to give a truer report of the events occur. 

            As we go through looking for facts to give light on current events, we should be able to utilize all forms of media to gain a complete understanding of an event. Even though the internet and T.V. broadcasting allow for quick fixes for information on an national event it is up to us to dig deeper and ask more questions.  Blindly taking in information can often lead to misconceptions of events and assumptions that are not true. Although our forms of media have given us an ability to be well informed, it is up to us as consumers to make sure if the information we are taking in to be true and legitimate.







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  1. This essay on the Boston bombing is quite excellent. It clearly engages with Sturken and Cartwright’s question and uses the Boston bombing in order to think through that question.


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